What steps to take to buy a house in Argeles-sur-Mer?

What steps to take to buy a house in Argeles-sur-Mer?

13 December 2021
house in Argeles-sur-Mer the steps to buy, to know everything .. Have you fallen for a house in Argelès-sur-Mer (we understand you) and have made up your mind to buy in this pretty port on the Côte Vermeille? A beautiful project that should be carried out methodically to achieve it as quickly as possible and in the best possible conditions. We explain how to do it. in Argeles-sur-Mer: Take stock of your budgetary capacities

Because buying a home in Argeles-sur-Merr remains an important budget decision, it is imperative that you check in with your banker or a broker. It is a question of checking your borrowing capacity with regard to your debt ratio, your income and your possible contribution. For this evaluation of your budget, remember to take into account the costs inherent in the acquisition of real estate: agency fees and notary fees. You will come out of this meeting with a precise idea of your financing possibilities, the rates in effect and the length of the loan possible given your age. in Argeles-sur-Mer: Choose a recognized real estate agency

To succeed in your project, it is better to call on real estate professionals who will know how to guide you perfectly and answer all your questions. Recognized as one of the benchmark players in local real estate, our Côte Vermeille agencies in Argelès-sur-Mer welcome you from Monday to Saturday (inclusive) from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. (at 33 avenue du Grau and 23 route of Elne). Our teams will endeavor to discover your expectations and to consider all possible solutions with you. We take stock of your needs in terms of living space, number of bedrooms, etc., before offering you all the opportunities of the moment.
Don't rush You launch into a visit process without a precise definition of the project and its financing totally undermines your credibility, and exposes you to a big disappointment in the event of an unfinancable crush: exhaustion and weariness guaranteed! in Argeles-sur-Mer: stay open to advice

When defining your project, do not lock yourself into a straitjacket of criteria that would reduce any chance of it being realized. It makes sense to have a few requirements, but when they become too many they outline a project that is not feasible in the local market. Know how to stay open to opportunities and concessions. Sometimes the best real estate stories are a matter of compromise. We cannot repeat it enough, real estate is also a crush, and it can open up new horizons for you that you never dreamed of.

4. Talk to your real estate agent

Knowing his area well, your real estate agent will search for houses in Argeles-sur-Mer that may match your criteria. This is why you have to take the time to discuss your desires with him. After an inconclusive visit, for example, do not hesitate to give your feelings to your real estate agent. To be effective, your real estate agent needs to know you. Trust him. All the art of the real estate agent profession is concentrated in its ability to bring together a buyer profile and the atmosphere of a house, a street and a neighborhood. A subtle art where the subjective keeps a preponderant part. From the Racou district to Taxo d'Avall via the Mas Boy, the town has many faces. All are interesting and your new address is hidden in one of these neighborhoods where life is good. in Argeles-sur-Mer: Demand transparency

However, the crush should not make you reckless! When you fall for a house, demand the Technical Diagnosis File (DDE). A real health record for the house, it will provide you with information on energy performance, compliance with electrical and gas standards, the possible presence of asbestos or lead, as well as natural mining and technological risks in the town. Enough to enlighten your choice and reassure you about the important decision you are about to make. Argelès-sur-Mer has a lot to offer and will welcome you with open arms in accordance with Catalan tradition. By giving all the cards in hand to your real estate agent and taking advantage of his experience, you have every chance to find what you are looking for quickly. A simple recipe, but still effective!

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